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What They Are Saying About Bunk Beds

The following is a sample letter received from an affiliate, Bob Layson, about how he is doing in the bunk bed business:

Dear Bob:

Since receiving my Bunk Bed Business Package, this business continues to "Amaze" me!

As you'll recall, initially, I was somewhat concerned because I live in a rural area. The village where I live consists of two churches and a post office with a population of about 230 families. I'm at least 30 miles from the nearest town of any size.

After the first week I advertised, all my concerns about location went away, as the phone started ringing off the hook and didn't slow down...until, the end of May. Some days I began to wonder if I'd forgotten to pay the bill.

Then the newspapers increased their ad rates. If that wasn't bad enough, every time I went to the lumberyard, prices had increased. I started getting concerned... costs going up and sales going down...my piece of the pie was getting thinner.

What to do? I decided to re-read the Operations Manual and Promotional Journal. That got my wheels turning! Then I re-calculated my costs. Low and behold, I was down to under 35% margin. That had to change! I re-figured my costs, then instead of setting my prices at 3 times my costs, as I had been doing, I re-priced at 4 times my costs. This gave me a 75% gross profit margin, resulting in a 25% to 30% price increase. I posted a sign, "Due to increased materials costs all posted prices will increase on June 15th".

This boosted sales until the 15th of June. While reading the paper on July 2nd, I noticed all the merchants were having a 4th of July Sale. I thought, "I need to have a sale too!". But, too late to get ads in the paper. How to get the word out?! Then I remembered the list of folks who had stopped by during the past couple of months, but hadn't ordered yet. I got the list, got on the phone calling everyone telling them about my sale. "15% off bunk beds, 25% off storage drawers if they buy a bunk bed over the 4th weekend."

I repeated calling every day until I spoke to most of the folks. If I got their answering machine, I left a message about my sale. Many ordered over the phone. Some came by the shop again. When folks called off my regular newspaper ads, I made sure to mention the sale.... What happened? It was amazing!!! All total 21 orders! Even with many involved with holiday activities.

My last order came in at 9:30 Sunday evening...the folks had been away for the weekend, just returned, heard my message on their machine (they live 2 hours away) and I took their order over the phone and had them mail me a check.

As I said earlier, this business is amazing! What other business can you up your prices 30%, then have a 15% off sale and be flooded with orders!

Thanks again for introducing me to the bunk bed business.


Bob Layson

It's okay to call Bob directly with questions (816-662-2201. But please don't take up a lot of his time. He is usually busy making bunk beds! If you get his answering machine, leave your name; number and a good time to receive a return call. Bob will call you back collect.

Here's What Other Bunk Bed Affiliates Are Saying

"I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with your business package. I'd venture to say it's probably the best opportunity I've come across in a very long time. Not only is the package put together very well, it's very simple and understandable even for me....

What I've found so helpful about your package is the explanation of the system from raw stock to assembly in the customer's home. I found my first bunk bed to be what you said it would be, a quality, sturdy, usable piece of furniture. Thanks again for offering a system that would have taken a very long time of trial and error for me to develop. You need to charge more for it."


"The bunk bed business really is everything you said it would be. Your company is great and extremely helpful with questions!.... Every time I run an ad in the newspaper I average 3 sales. I certainly believe anyone could do as well or better, if they work at it... It's been fun and lucrative."


"Thought I'd send you a picture of me at the Brian River Arts Festival that was held here last week. Got lots of positive response from folks there. Had a Paul Bunyan model and a Princess L-Shaped model on display. Your photo album (purchased separately) was real handy. People were impressed with the quality, sturdiness and price of the beds. My booth won a ribbon! Not bad for a guy who built the Princess bunk bed while on crutches.

Thanks a lot for all your help."


"I've tried many business ideas, and I could tell you many sad stories, but I am glad I sent for the bunk bed information for now I am living my dream of owning my own business. Thanks again, Bob, for your help and answering my many questions."


"I built a sample Paul Bunyan bed to see whether it was as nice as the one in the picture you sent me. (Your bed takes a close second.) My step-dad saw it and promptly went out and sold four beds & a set of storage drawers. I wasn't even ready to build yet! Four beds without advertising - wow!

Then my wife placed a $5.00 ad in a local home-school newsletter. This resulted in a sale of tow bunk beds & a set of storage drawers. We also have friends ready to place an order for two beds and two sets of storage drawers. And what's it going to be like when I start seriously advertising?"


"My wife and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the business package we purchased from you two months ago.

Although I had limited experience in woodworking, I mastered the manufacturing process pretty quickly and now my beds look just about perfect. Since we started advertising, just two weeks ago, we have gotten lots of calls and we've already sold five beds and two pairs of drawers. The response of our customers has really been encouraging - they think the beds are wonderful and they can't believe the prices.

We have looked at so many entrepreneur opportunities and never found anything that suited us. Your package is very thorough, easy to understand and learn. The technical support you provide has been invaluable - it's great to know somebody will always be there to answer our questions.

We look forward to a prosperous future in this business."


"I'm glad that I saw your ad in the magazine and took the time to come up to see what your bunk bed business is all about. this is a "for real" business opportunity. Something to be proud of..."


"Your package is just fantastic. We received it on a Friday (thanks for shipping it to us UPS) and we spent most of the weekend reviewing the materials. I'm am very pleased with the materials and your straight forward approach. I even called my father-in-law over to look at the materials, since it was his VISA we ordered on. He was quite skeptical about the price at first, but after he reviewed the package he was mighty impressed. The clincher was the picture of the Paul Bunyan stackable with drawers. He didn't believe that a bed could be made for so little money and look so good. I can honestly say it is going to be a very rewarding and fun opportunity for us."


"At this point, things could not be better. Never did I imagine that I would be so successful as a small business entrepreneur. With little or no advertising, other than an occasional newspaper ad, I have sold between one and two beds a week. If the ad was to run full time, I do not believe that I could handle the business.

Basically, some of the reasons for my success are: The business package I received was as total a package as I have ever seen. Anyone receiving this package who spent the time to thoroughly master it and not "short-cut", could not help but do well. In addition, the quick telephone access to either you or your staff members when a problem arose was a tremendous advantage.


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