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“Your dream of instant overnight success may be closer than you think. The start up packages offered by the companies profiled here are designed to put you in business almost immediately — 15 different easy ways!”

The feature article described 15 different income opportunities.
This is opportunity #10:


If you've had the need lately to shop for a bunk bed in furniture stores, you may have been surprised at what you found. If you haven't had the need, go out and look anyway. You'll come away with the fact that most bunk beds available in retail stores are either poorly made or very expensive. A good bunk bed sells for as much as $1000.

This was also the experience of Robert O'Reilly. His disappointment, however, led him into the creation of his own business making quality bunk beds at affordable prices. He's willing to share his expertise with you so you can start a similar business.

Through experience with his customers, Robert “Bunk Bed Bob” O'Reilly has designed several models of bunk bed that customers really like. You can customize each with different variations that people have requested over the years. You can make bunk beds with drawers that go under the lower bunk, a trundle bed that slides in and out to give a third bed and beds with bookshelves, chests of drawers, desks and small pieces of country furniture.

All the information on how to build and sell these bunk beds is available in O'Reilly's step-by-step Operations Manual. First, you make one or more sample beds and set them up where a potential customer can come and look them over; a garage will work nicely. Perhaps you'll have photos of other models in a picture album. The customer picks out the model he/she wants and gives you a deposit. Within the next week or two you make the bed and call the customer when it is ready.

You don't need woodworking experience to work this business, O'Reilly says, but you will need a work area, tools and, of course, the Operations Manual. The complete business package with the manual is inexpensive and includes detailed plans and materials lists, samples of hardware (also available from O'Reilly), information on where and how to advertise, and several promotional ideas. The equipment you'll need (not provided) will cost about $200. Add $200 for materials with which to build your samples and about $100 for advertising, and you're in business for around $1000.

These bunk beds can be very profitable. For example, the best selling design, the Paul Bunyan, sells for $269. It has about $84 worth of materials, so your profit is $185. Not bad for a project that O'Reilly says you can make, with practice, in something over 4-5 hours, including finishing. Even more profits can be added. Charge $210 for two mattresses which you buy for $120 and add a pair of storage drawers for $189 ($51 worth of materials) and your total profit for the bed looms to $413.

[Note: Above numbers have been updated since this article was originally printed.]

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