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Bob made two beds, one for himself and one to show people to take orders from. Then he ran one little classified ad in his local newspaper to advertise his bunk bed. People, who saw the ad, called for directions to Bob's home. Once they got there they couldn't believe that Bob had such a quality bunk bed for that low of a price! In the first week alone 16 people placed orders for bunk beds. Bob was shocked. He quickly realized that this was probably the best business opportunity he had ever seen.

The folks that came to Bob's home could see the quality of his bunk bed matched or surpassed the bunk beds made by larger companies — but for a lot less money.

Soon the word got out and Bob became known as “Bunk Bed Bob”. He developed a reputation in Minneapolis for making great looking, sturdy bunk beds available at reasonable prices. And as the word spread, his business just kept getting better and better. Of course, Bob is constantly looking for new ways to improve all aspects of his business.

Now, more than ever, parents want to buy things for their children that are going to last, and without spending a lot of money. That's what makes Bob's bunk beds so desirable. His beds are attractive, yet super sturdy. And with his minimal overhead, Bob can charge low prices yet keep excellent profit margins. The demand for his bunk beds is enormous. Plus, there's not a lot of competition.

Before we go any further, take a look at the chart below to see the kind of profits your new bunk bed business can make.

Here's how the figures work out:

Paul Bunyan Bunk Bed $269 $84 $185
Pair of Storage Drawers $189 $51 $138
Two Mattresses $210 $120 $90
Totals: $668 $255 $413

That's right. $413 profit potential from just one sale! As you can see, this may be a simple business, but it definitely has SUPER PROFIT MARGINS!

All it takes is one of these sales per day -- JUST ONE! -- and you can make over $100,000 a year. I know that sounds like “mission impossible”. But you figure it out...

Your best selling bunk bed — the Paul Bunyan — can bring you $269. In many areas of the country, that's considered a very good price. Material cost is $84. (Selling prices and material costs vary somewhat from area to area.) After some practice, you should be able to make a bunk bed in something over 4-6 hours. (Our fastest worker can make one in an hour and a half!)

Our most popular accessory — those large storage drawers that we developed to go under the bunk beds — sell for $189 a pair. They have about $51 of materials and can be made in less time than it takes to make a bunk bed.

Notice the mattresses listed above. Most people will need them for their new bunk bed. You might as well make that profit, too. We buy our best selling mattress for $60 and sell it for $104.

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