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An Ideal Business
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$100,000 PER YEAR

Let's talk about the $100,000 a year figure shown in the chart below. Sure that's a lot of money. To be conservative, let's say that you choose to work less, maybe just half the time and make just half the profits — $50,000. Think what you could do with an extra $50,000 in cash each and every year!

One thing is obvious. Once you start making great money in this easy at-home business, odds are you'll want to quit your present job and go full time with bunk beds.

This business is also great for retirees. They can sometimes make more in bunk beds part time than they earned when they worked full time at their previous job.

Here's how the figures work out:

Paul Bunyan Bunk Bed $269 $84 $185
Pair of Storage Drawers $189 $51 $138
Two Mattresses $210 $120 $90
Totals: $667 $255 $413

That's right. $413 profit potential from just one sale! As you can see, this may be a simple business, but it definitely has SUPER PROFIT MARGINS!

All it takes is one of these sales per day -- JUST ONE! -- and you can make over $100,000 a year. I know that sounds like “mission impossible”. But you figure it out...

Bob has already completed the hard part of this business. That's going through the testing process to find out just what works and what doesn't.

Now Bob is ready to share that information with you.

Making these beds is simple. Even if you've never done any wood working before, you can still turn out quality bunk beds, one after another.

Just follow the step-by step directions that we provide. We've been in this business long enough to streamline everything and make the whole process super easy.

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We believe in this business opportunity so much...
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